I found the song!Posted by On

So this morning I wanted to know the name of song from the video I watched on Youtube. It was such a bop and literally stuck into my brain. Though I always search the song by the lyrics I’ve heard, I had a doubt I would find the name of the song by melody.

I googled ‘find song’ and clicked the first site that came up, linked the mic, and played the melody part of the video. only 10 secs. AND BOOM!  

I was like, OK that was fast…? but idk if it’s the right song and when I searched it on youtube, IT WAS THE RIGHT SONG! 

The melody I was looking for starts around 0:50

This is the original video, the melody starts at 2:16

MAN! I don’t know how they do it I guess they have like the biggest database and great algorithm combined? Well, I just wanted to record this cool experience of mine.


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